College of INUFOCAD

The College of INUFOCAD is an applied school incorporated in the INUFOCAD School of Education. The school receive children from two years old until high school. The experimental school of INUFOCAD have a psycho-pedagogical infrastructure to educate children facing learning difficulties.

The vision of the College of INUFOCAD is "To inspire learners of today to be global citizen leaders of tomorrow".

The mission of the College of INUFOCAD is "To educate today's children through an individualized holistic curriculum to become the leaders of tomorrow and serve a role model in a global society".

The curriculum aims for excellence at all academic levels and embraces the education of the whole person of the student. Our graduates will have developed 72 character traits and values such as : self-discipline, autonomy, problem-solving abilities, social responsibility, self-confidence, and awareness of, and respect for, the interdependence of nations in all their diversity.

The objective of the College of INUFOCAD is to provide a safe and secure environment where students develop personal qualities and skills leading to international mindedness, intellectual curiosity, effective communication, creative expression, compassion, community building, responsible citizenship, and an appreciation for cultural diversity. The curricula promote the development of the whole person in the following areas:


Through developing individual potential and an attitude of life-long learning as a result of a balanced and rigorous program in four languages (English, Spanish, French and Creole) that strives for excellence in the US High School, the Haitian Baccalaureate, and the College Preparatory Program in US.

Through the promotion of the values of integrity, service and respect for individual differences and for the environment.

Through intra and extracurricular activities that develop civic and global awareness, leadership, team spirit, and a commitment to social justice.

Through a physical education and athletics program that values sportsmanship and healthy living.

Conditions of Admission
1. Official Child Birth Certificate
2. Immunization Record
3. Pastoral Reference Form
4. Student Reference Information Form from most current teacher
5. Family History/Medical Emergency Form
6. Parent/Guardian Statement of Support
7. Student Information Form
8. Student Agreement of Conduct
9. Two (2) recent pictures
10. Transcript or report card from the previous school attended